Lost in Cinders


This game was made by a team of eight French developers for the  #weeklygamejam101 

Project manager : CauliFlowerz, Quenth
Programmer : Becher
Game Design : Allifeur, Alexandre VS, Gaspardelusio
Art : Quenth, Risamisu
Sound Design : DefineMeClearly

The Game :

"Lost in Cinders is a puzzle-platformer where you make your way through the dense shadows of your heart after a sinister storm burns your spirits down to ashes. Learn to deal with the weight of your own demons and overcome the obstacles you will encounter in your path. Sometimes, after the storm, the only way to heal is to let go. Play through gorgeous 2D graphics, an immersive soundtrack, and compelling enigmas."

We hope you enjoy the game !


Move Left : Q/A

Move Right : D


Pick up : S

Push : Hold Leftclick

Aim : Leftclick

Throw : Release Leftclick

Enter : Reset

ESC : Quit

Note : If you are blocked, don't hesitate to press enter to bring you back to the check point.


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I love the concept. It has a very Limbo aesthetic, but more painterly, and I really love that. The puzzles are challenging, but doable (though I got stuck on the pendulum part), This would make a great full fledged game. 


Very, very impressive! Awesome work!

Thank you <3


I got stuck. I tried resting but still stuck... Maybe that's the point?


I was able to get past that point but got stuck right after it, i think its a bug. Its really sad though, this is an incredible game

(1 edit) (+2)

We 'll fix it very soon, sorry!
The ball grew a bit too big for our level design. 
Since we had to rush in the end, we realized it too late.

edit: Fixed!


I fixed it, you could finish it