Alone is a survival game where the card is generated box by box.
So you have to look for food in a bigger map. The goal is to keep his hunger gauge above zero.

Control :

Move with [WASD]
Hit with [Left clic]
Hold with [E]
Release with [Right clic] 
Use hold item with [Left clic]

Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 45, Pixel Art
LinksLudum Dare


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Super cute game, and well fleshed out for being made in 45 hours. Would love to see the concept expanded on in future. Maybe new crops and things as you live longer. Fishing and hunting could be interesting too.

Love the concept and the execution for a 48 hour game is fantastic. Art is great, sound works.

If you do plan on expanding the game a bit I'm sure it would only get better! Could definitely use some background music.

I realy want to complete it but i don't have time for now.

I feel like if you wanted to this game could be a lot more then just a simple 48h game. Lot's of fun until you run out of things to do.

there isnt much to the game. Nice, Simple. I like it, although after a while there isnt much to do.

yeah i know :/ sorry. but in 48h it hard to make a complete survival game ... Maybe one i'll add more feature

I love the concept of this game a ton, don't be so hard on yourself! While it isn't feature rich, as expected from a game made in 48 hours, it still has a lot of promise. :) Definitely love what you made in that little amount of time!