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It seems like a nice game, but it is just so annoying that the character is rendered behind the light circle (so you can't actually see him).

It's a game based on memory. you have to memorize where you are or where are the ennemy :) . without this mecanics, game become too easy.

Thanks for your feedback! It proove that we have to add some way to help player to remember where he is.

We could find some feedback or some new mecanics to get it more easy, but  i think that we can't show the player in light without losing the interest of the game

6/10 sound was ok, otherwise, I like it

I scored 1600 points in 1:13. There was bit of a steep learning curve in the beginning but once you get the hang of it it was pretty doable.

A suggestion I have it too add a way to earn lives back e.g. with combos or excess energy.

We think about it, life power up would appear every 500 points or 1000 points.... but we don't know if we could made some tiny change on the game... with a link to the original game of course

I'm happy that you took time to learn the game :) thanks again

a little too hard but good concept

thanks for return. Game is hard but we made it to be easily to progress. I hope it worked X)

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I agree, the difficulty is too high at the begining of the game, and it lacks times for you to breath. You can still retry over and over to perform better each time, though.

There's a special sound which is played when a robot gets close to you, you can focus on it to know when you should use your light.